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Considered to be a chore by many, as a homeowner, you may have experienced what we like to call the ‘spring clean blues’. Despite the size of your property, cleaning can often feel like scrubbing acres of marble floor, mop in hand and an expression on par with droopy. Luckily though, there is a highly sought-after solution that can turn even the most testing of cleaning tasks into a walk in the park, quite literally.

The Clean That Carpet Difference

Here at Clean That Carpet, we focus on delivering quality and precision in everything we do. Not only do we specialise in carpet and rug cleaning, but we also ensure our expertise in upholstery cleaning is put to the best possible use, to guarantee the most satisfactory results.

Our staff are dedicated to excellence and we take pride in the service we offer, thanks to our years of experience, abundance of knowledge and high quality carpet cleaning equipment.

As a company, we recognise that some materials are fragile and need to be treated with care. That is where our attention to detail comes in handy, so every job is carried out meticulously and to the highest standard.

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Simply The Best

We also take into account the sheer diversity in lifestyles that the North London area accommodates. This, with our awareness that spills do happen and mess is part and parcel of everyday life, makes us the number one choice for home cleaning. After all, a pristine carpet and equally impeccable upholstery to match don’t just make a home more sanitary; it can breathe new life into your home, all with the help of Clean That Carpet.

So, with the health and safety of your family and pets in mind, Clean That Carpet will deliver time and time again, without fail. No matter the mishaps your home may be suffering from or the sheer terror your carpet has undergone in the past few weeks due to muddy footprints and the like, we are here to help.

Our Cleaners in Action

Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

We have experienced teams operating throughout East London providing emergency and regular cleaning services.

It costs from £15 per room to clean a carpet. Discounts are available for larger properties with more carpets to clean. Please ring to discuss your needs. 

Each room takes approximately 15 minutes to clean the carpet. This can depend on the size of room and what the carpet is made from. Thick woollen carpets can take longer to clean that modern fibres. 

We request that you move your furniture in order to provide a thorough clean, covering all areas of the carpet. 

What Our Customers Say About Us

Amazing Service

Rachel S

I can’t praise Clean That Carpet highly enough. Over winter the kids and dog had ruined my hallway carpet, and in despair I rang Clean That Carpet. They arrived on time, and without any hassle, cleaned my hallway. It looked like a new carpet. I couldn’t believe it. Thank you.

Rachel S

Second to None Service

The service is second to none. Very happy.

Kerry G

Saved My Social Life!

The men from Clean That Carpet were happy deal with my appalling carpets – embarrassed to admit they hadn’t been cleaned in years. But with every stain and mark gone, I can now invite friends around without apologising.


Sharon A.

Service was 10/10

Hatty P

Clean That Carpet came out promptly, were efficient, very friendly and left me with a beautifully clean carpet. 10/10


Hatty P