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‘Cleaning may be a terror of a task for homeowners. But, for us, it is a lifestyle inspired by an immaculate result’

If you’re a homeowner who just doesn’t have enough time on their hands or perhaps you find yourself, month after month, wandering aimlessly down the cleaning chemical aisle, stop right there, as you’ve come to the right place. We here at Clean That Carpet don’t just aim for quality results; we guarantee them whilst ensuring excellent customer service every step of the way.

Carpets. Rugs. Upholstery. Life.

Remember that white, pristine carpet you had installed three years ago? Yes, you’re looking at it as you read. The only difference is now it has turned a murky shade of grey-brown; an unsightly setting by all accounts, especially for the main living area.

As a company, we understand that a living room should feel cosy and, well, like home, as well as looking the part too. We also recognise that homeowners are constantly striving for a result above standard ‘excellence’, which is why we are the best choice for carpet cleaning in East London.

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Simply The Best

You see, we don’t faff around trying to decide which product to use, nor do we ‘um’ and ‘ah’ over whether a job is too big; we promise unparalleled results in every case, no matter how challenging the task at hand may seem.

What’s more is that you don’t have to let your upholstery suffer either, as our cleaning services cover this base and more. This means you can have a pristine carpet with equally stunning surroundings to match.

Compromise? What’s That?

We never compromise on quality, and we don’t ask for extortionate amounts in return. Our services are cost-efficient, catering for homeowners of all budget types.

So get in touch today to find out more about our carpet cleaning services in East London. The look and feel of a new home are right at your fingertips. Fill out a quote form below to get started!

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Your Frequently Asked Questions Answered

We operate throughout North London covering all the popular boroughs and areas.

It costs from £15 per room to clean a carpet, and there are discounts available, so please call to discuss your requirements. 

Each room takes approximately 15 minutes to clean the carpet, although this depends a little on the fabric construction of the carpet. A woollen carpet takes a little longer to give a deep clean to than a nylon or polyester mix. 

We request that you move it in order to provide a thorough deep clean, getting into all the corners, and around the skirting boards. However, we can work around it if necessary. 

What Our Customers Say About Us

Saved My Cream Carpets

Sally Ann B

A cream carpet and children is a bad mix. But rather than buying a new one (carpet, not children – I’m stuck with those), a visit from Clean That Carpet every now and then is all I need. Their low prices means that I can get them out regularly and my carpets look great. Happy to recommend.


Sally-Ann B

Highly Recommended

Darren C

As a landlord, I have to have my property professionally cleaned between tenants, and not happy with my previous carpet cleaners, I found Clean That Carpet. They wasted no time in getting down to work, and very soon the carpets were spotless throughout. They did an excellent job, and I’ll be using them in future.


Darren C.

Even Made my Old Carpets Look Better

Sue P

I was getting so stressed with having messy carpets, but because they are old and a bit worn in places, wasn’t sure about getting it professionally cleaned. Clean That Carpet reassured me that their methods and cleaning stuff were very gentle, so I booked them. Although there’s no hiding the fact my carpets are a bit tired, they are spotlessly clean – very impressed. Thank you


Sue P.

Post-Party Recovery!

After hosting a New Year party, my poor carpets looked pretty bad – spilled wine and nibbles trodden in. I needed to do something and fast. Clean That Carpet took care of everything, even moving the furniture for me. Afterwards, my carpets looked fantastic, and, it has to be said, smelled great. Now I know who to call out, I won’t wait for the next party to book them!


Caitlin R.