Protect Your Family Home From Covid-19

In these unprecedented times, we all have to look after each other, and that’s why Clean That Carpet is offering a specialised deep, sanitising clean for your home.

Following the NHS guidelines on keeping safe from COVID-19, our deep cleaning service disinfects hard surfaces and uses the recommended method of steam cleaning to sanitise carpets, soft furnishings and curtains.

Deep Cleaning For Virus Protection

Killing the coronavirus COVID-19 is necessary to protect people and relieve pressure on the NHS; however, this isn’t an easy task due to its high contagion rates.

By giving your home or office a thorough clean, diligently sanitising any corners and crevices where the virus could hide can ensure that you and your loved ones remain as safe as possible.

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We Make Interiors Exceptional

It is important to us that our customers receive the very best value on the market. Our staff is highly trained. We only use employees that are experienced and knowledgeable. We also have access to the newest technologies in order to ensure that we are providing our customers with the best service available. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your repair, we will send a technician back to your property until you are. This is our promise. You will be happy with the job that we have done for you, or we will repeat the job until you are happy.

Our customers are some of the best people in this city and we are so pleased that they return to us time and time again for their carpeting needs. They are essential to the success of our business, so we make it our business to make them happy.

Our Cleaners in Action

What Our Customers Say About Us

Repaired the Hole in My Carpet

I work from home, and use a swivel office chair. I hadn’t realised how much it was damaging my carpet until I noticed a mark when I was vacuuming one day. Looking closer, the wheels on my chair had worn through the carpet to the surface underneath, and being right out in the room, it was really noticeable, so I couldn’t see how it could be fixed without replacing the whole carpet. However, I found Clean That Carpet, and they said they could help. They came out the same day, and were able to fix the hole invisibly! They also recommended some wheel cups to put under the wheels of my chair so it never happens again. Really helpful guys who did a fantastic repair job! 11/10

Lisa S.

As Good at Repairs as They are at Cleaning!

Moving the sofa to vacuum behind it and the leg somehow managed to tear a small hole in the carpet. Immediately I rang Clean That Carpet, as they’d previously come out to clean my carpets and I knew they did repairs. Thankfully they came out the next day and mended the tear really quickly. You’d never know it had happened. Happy to recommend Clean That Carpet for cleaning and repairs!

Johanna T

Great Service

In the living room doorway, where there’s a lot of traffic, my carpet had, over time, been pulled out of the metal strip. I kept pushing it back under, but recently tripped over it and tore the carpet slightly. A friend mentioned Clean That Carpet, so I rang them. They not only fixed the tear so it looked perfect, but sorted out the issue with the metal doorway strip. Thanks guys


Helen W

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