Finding the Right Desk: Undergrad Freshers & University Veterans


Finding the Right Desk: Undergrad Freshers & University Veterans

Are you heading off – or back – to university? Do you need to find the right desk to support your studies? Well, read on to see what kind of workspace set-up you need at each stage of your undergraduate (or even post-graduate) journey.


Freshers! Welcome to undergrad life. Long lectures, longer study sessions, and lots of trips to the library. Time management is essential if you want to keep up with the course and on top of your deadlines, and part of that battle is creating the right workspace.

Whether you are living in halls, sharing student accommodation with friends, or commuting to class from Casa de Mum and Dad, creating your very own, optimised workspace is a great opportunity and needs to be a priority before semester begins.

Opt for a desk that offers plenty of surface space for all the lecture notes, reference books and course texts you will be referring to throughout each and every assignment. Also, ensure that you have a desk with shelves or a separate shelving unit where you can store all the books you’ll gather over the course of the next few semesters.

Of course, if you are living in halls or another form of restricted space, make sure you find a desk that fits comfortably and practically into the space available. Even if you are at home, as a full-time, part-time or mature student, make a conscious effort to create a workspace that is private and conducive to study, but doesn’t interfere with home life too much; you will need downtime away from the desk too. Keep your university digs in top notch condition and let Clean That Carpet.


Congratulations on getting through your first year (and any subsequent years so far). As you are returning to your studies, fully aware of what a university course entails (that is: long nights hunched over course materials, lots of working hard, and absolutely no energy for playing hard), you might be considering treating yourself to a private workspace. But what does the university veteran need to ensure a good study session every time?

Well, a good desk with plenty of storage and surface space is a must. You will have books, stationery, an abundance of post-it notes, and other such study essentials to find a home for. On top of that, you will need to have designated spots for your laptop, notebook, printer and other devices. All of this – your university universe – will need to fit neatly in the desk space available.

As a returning student, you will also have to find somewhere for all the paperwork and paraphernalia collected in previous semesters, not to mention your own personal library of dissertation resources if you are in your final year. As such, you will need to complement your desk with some serious storage furniture. Shelves should be fine, and if you feel the need, you can look at pedestal drawers or filing cabinets too.

The important thing to remember is that as your university journey goes on, your time becomes more precious, so every minute and every morsel of information becomes more valuable. Learn from your experience in first and second year (or indeed, your entire undergrad experience if you are a post-grad student), and tailor your workspace to how you know you work best.

Of course, the right desk and ideal study set up will ultimately depend on your preferences and your specific discipline, not to mention factors like space and budget constraints. Just make sure you cover all bases and create a space that is conducive to study and tailored to you. Then, enjoy university life!