How Do I Maintain My Carpet? Daily Carpet Care


How Do I Maintain My Carpet? Daily Carpet Care

Turning a house into a home involves many factors, and one of the easiest ways to bring a sense of comfort into your space is by surrounding yourself in the colors you like and including cozy, homely textures in your design.

The type of flooring you choose is a big part of your home decor. Hard floors, although easy to maintain, can feel cold and less welcoming than a plush rug or wall to wall carpet. However, a good quality carpet is often the expensive option, so it pays to look after it well, ensuring it continues to enhance the appearance and comfort of your home for many years to come.

In order to plan a maintenance routine for your carpets, think about the way they are used by you and your family. Which areas need more care? Do you have pets dropping fur and dander around your home? Is there direct access from the outside?

Don’t forget doormats

The interior of your home is not designed to cope with dirt and debris from the outside, which can be carried across the threshold on shoes, clothes and animal paws. Every external door should have a tough rubber or fiber based mat on the outside to remove the worst of the dirt and a neat, coir mat inside. Pets, no matter how well trained they are, will not wipe their paws of their own volition, so a doormat that can collect and hold the dirt instantly is necessary. Many mats possess the ability to trap dirt from the paws of dogs and cats, ensuring that no mess is carried indoors.

Vacuum regularly

Every home should have a good vacuum cleaner, and using it regularly is one of the most important tools in your carpet maintenance arsenal. Removing more than 80% of the dirt that accumulate between cleans, vacuuming should be carried out depending on the traffic your carpet experiences. If the cleaner includes a HEPA micro-filter, it can suck up 99.97% of pollen, mold spores and dust from deep within the carpet. In heavily used areas, or a household with allergy sufferers, vacuuming should be carried out daily. This applies, too, if there are pets in the family. At the other end of the scale, in areas that only see light traffic, once a week should suffice.

Professional deep cleaning

A periodic deep clean will increase the longevity of your carpet, improve its appearance and ensure it retains the texture it originally possessed. A professional carpet cleaning company, such as Clean That Carpet, use products that are both environmentally friendly, and offer the best performance possible. By providing an experienced team, they can ensure that your carpet is spotless and stain-free, that dirt, dust and bacteria are removed from deep within the pile, and that your carpet is clean enough to eat your dinner from – although we don’t recommend you do that!

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