Getting Animal Smells Out of Carpets

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Getting Animal Smells Out of Carpets

Being a pet lover and owner is not easy especially if you have allergic rhinitis or you have a family member who has. It makes it hard to embrace your furry friends because fur and smell linger around the house.

Getting the pet pee out of your hard floors is one thing, but soft furnishings is a whole different ball game. If you have ever struggled to get the smell off your soft furnishings, like sofas or carpet, even with countless cleanup attempts and air fresheners, then you should read our tips on getting animal smells out of your carpets.

See Instructions

Before you start cleaning and deodorizing, make sure you read the instructions for your particular carpet to avoid damaging it. Do not use cleaners that will bleach the color out of your carpet or damage its fibres. Also, avoid using abrasives that could ruin the texture of your carpet.

Safeguard your pets

Secure your pets before you start cleaning because some cleaners can attract your pets back into the area where you are cleaning. It is also important that your pets do not come in contact with your cleaning agents as it might have ingredients that are harmful to your pets. For example, baking soda in large amounts can be toxic to your pets because it can cause muscle spasms and other illnesses.

Let it sit

Baking soda is a handy pantry stock to neutralize pet odors. It is cheap and you can buy it in bulk for your cleaning needs. Make sure to liberally sprinkle baking soda over the carpet that your pet soiled or just anywhere where it smells. Let it sit to absorb all the bad smell. The longer you let it sit the better.


After you let the baking soda sit for a long time it will dry up and you will need to vacuum your carpet thoroughly. Make sure there are no baking soda traces left.

This is a simple trick to remove animal odors from your carpets and any other furniture your pet might have soiled. Baking soda is an all-around cleaner that helps remove stains from soft furnishings as well as absorb bad odors. It also cleans perfectly dry so it gives a hassle-free cleaning experience. If there are still stubborn stains and smells you may repeat this process several times. It is important to know that heat is a factor that can make stains and smells permanent so avoid exposing your smelly carpet to heat before you get a chance to clean them.

If all else fails, our carpet cleaning services will gladly come out to take a look,b But for a quick and often cheap fix especially if you are just house training your pet, baking soda is a cheap and effective alternative.


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