How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell Indoors

Cigarette smoke can be a nuisance to remove from the home. When burnt, tobacco releases gasses and particles that mix with the air that quickly set themselves on surrounding surfaces. The worst part is that the smell lingers for a long period and any effort to eliminate the smell on fabrics and indoors can be difficult especially when one or more of the occupants are smokers.
Property owners with rentals face big challenges in preparing their homes for new tenants. It is essential that any smoke smell or residual particles are removed from the house as many potential tenants will not accept a rental property that has the smell of cigarette smoke.
Luckily it is possible to get rid of cigarette smoke in the home quickly and efficiently. One option is to hire professional carpet cleaners to undertake a thorough cleaning of the home.
If you’d rather not hire professional cleaners, you can do some or all of the work yourself by following the simple steps below:
• Do a basic clean of all the surfaces in the home (floors, carpets, upholstery). Follow up by hiring professional cleaners to do ozone cleaning in the house. It is an all round treatment as it ensures that bacteria, viruses and other kinds of odors are eliminated including the most problematic, i.e. cigarette smoke. This approach ensures that you will not need to do any additional cleaning.
• Cigarette odors as well as other irritants can be removed by replacing old heating and air filters with new ones. This will keep the air fresh.
• Chemical sponges have many uses. It can be utilized to clean a variety of surfaces and materials like lampshades and books. This is the best option for any item that cannot be cleaned in any other way.
• Blinds retain a lot of residual cigarette smell. You can soak them in a multi-purpose cleaner before letting them dry. Curtains can be replaced or cleaned by professional cleaners in order to ensure that your house has a good smell indoors.
• Carpet replacement is a good option as opposed to cleaning it because it is very difficult to remove the smoke particles that are embedded in the carpet fiber. Prior to replacement, ensure that the floor beneath the carpet is thoroughly scrubbed. However, if you decide to retain the same carpet, you can hire the services of a professional cleaner who uses the best cleaning techniques and excellent products that will ensure that your carpet is cleaned and left without any residual smoke particles.
• Hard surfaces can be cleaned using cleaning compounds that are ammonia-based. It enables you to clean the window insides while preventing any acid-based products from destroying wood surfaces. Another option to consider is painting over surfaces that smell of cigarette smoke. Note that it may only be a temporary solution.
• As you clean the house, remember to clean the light bulbs as well. On heating, the cigarette smell is dispersed by light bulbs. Alternately, use energy saving light bulbs that do not emit much heat. This reduces the cigarette smoke smell because of less heat on the bulb surface.
• In any situation, the first thing to do is to enhance the ventilation by switching on the fans and opening the windows. It helps a great deal in getting rid of the cigarette smoke odor indoors.

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