How to De-Clutter Your Life One Step at a Time


How to De-Clutter Your Life One Step at a Time

The following are just a few tips to help you de-clutter your house and organise your life.

This is a very easy place to start when you are trying to organise your house and your life. When going through your bookshelf put aside any children’s books you or your children (if you have any) have grown out of, you should donate these books to your local library so that they can still be appreciated by other people and you can progress with your life in a slightly less cluttered house.

You could also give your old unwanted books away to family and friends you believe will enjoy them or you could sell them online for some extra cash. Instead of keeping numerous cook books around the house, try going through them and picking out the best recipes or your favourite and photocopying them. That way you can keep all the relevant information you need in a special recipe folder that will take up less space in the kitchen and get rid of the chunky books you no longer need. Click here for London’s premier cleaning service and let someone else do the hard work!

Second Tip: When Sorting Through Your Clothing Always Ask Yourself These Four Questions

Question 1: Have you worn it in the last six months?

Question 2: Does it fit?

Question 3: How does it look on?

Question 4: Are you keeping it for sentimental reasons?

If you answer two of these four questions in the negative then you might need to consider either throwing the piece of clothing away, selling it online or donating it to charity. These questions will be a huge help when you are trying to decide what to do with your clothes and whether you should keep them or not.


To ensure that you do not begin hording all of your clothes, you should live by this rule: When you buy a new shirt or any other article of clothing you should donate two from your closet. This will ensure that you will not clutter up your life with unnecessary clothes and will also ensure that you will thick before you go out shopping and discourage you from spontaneous buying as there will be a downside to your new purchase.

Fourth Tip: Vacuum Pack Bags are a Space Life Saver!

If your linen cupboard is overflowing with unorganised and poorly folded bed covers and towels (like mine is) then vacuum pack bags will open up a whole world of opportunity for you and your linen closet. These ingenious little bags allow you to store any bed sheets, pillow cases or hand towels, etc. in a more organised fashion giving you more space to fit everything on a single shelf. Contact clean that carpet now for over the phone advice and experience.