Keeping the Home or Office Environment Fresh & Sanitized


Keeping the Home or Office Environment Fresh & Sanitized

There are various reasons that cause the home or office to have bad aromas. The most common causes are smoking indoors, plumbing problems or mould. You could use air fresheners but this would only be temporary and create a mixture of pleasant smells and bad odours. However, you can get rid of those bad scents with the following tricks.

Home Deodorizing

There are a number of hacks that can be used to neutralize any bad smell regardless of where it comes from. These include:

Ground Coffee in the Refrigerator

Ground coffee absorbs all nasty odours. But the source of the smell has gotta be removed first.

Natural Air Freshener

There are various fragrances you can use like mint, lavender or tree oil. Mix with distilled water and spray. The results really are excellent.

Exotic Foods

A permeating odour can arise if you prefer to cook spicy or oily foods. You can boil a mixture of water and vinegar right after cooking. This neutralizes the most potent smells too.

Not Smoking Indoors

With smoking, the best thing you can do is stop doing it indoors. This is because the distinctive smell of cigarettes lingers in the house and it’s near impossible to get rid of.

Getting rid of cigarette smell that has accumulated over many years requires a really thorough scrubbing of the walls and ceiling. Most of the smell is retained in the ceiling and ammonia-based cleaning products are the best option due to the residual resin and tar. Besides that, you can wash and rinse all the fabrics with vinegar, including rugs and carpets. This will cleanse the air of any remnant cigarette scents.

Odourous Rubbish Bins

Trash starts reeking incredibly fast, especially in areas where the temperature and humidity are higher. The stench can become overwhelming and sickening. It’s best to scrub the rubbish bin with disinfectant before putting in a new garbage bag. This is further necessary when a liquid has spilled into the bin. The bin can also be deodorized by using baking soda or applying a few drops of fabric softener.

Bad Smell Sources

First and foremost, when getting rid of a bad smell, you’re going to have to identify the source. It might be something isolated or an entire variety of things such as mould, mildew, pets, garbage and an unclean fridge.
Trace the source of the odour by becoming a nose detective around your house. There must be a source and by sniffing around you’ll be able to find it.

Once you’ve identified the source of the bad smell, arm yourself with the right tools and equipment. This includes cleaners and air fresheners. You might also need to buy some at the local convenience store and the rest can be home made.

If you have major spills on the floor or carpet that are causing bad odours, you’ll need to seriously consider getting a professional carpet cleaner. This will give you a permanent solution to the problem.

Hoover Regularly and Thoroughly

Make sure you hoover regularly in your home and office environment to make sure you pick up dirt and dust mites. We suggest investing in a quality robot hoover so that you can focus on other important tasks as this chore is being done for you.