What NOT to do with carpet stains


What NOT to do with carpet stains

So you spilt red wine on the carpet on New Year’s Eve, or the kids had muddy trainers and forgot to take them off – either way, you’ve stained your carpet and need to get it sorted. Read on to find out what not to do!

Wait – the longer you wait, the worse and harder to remove the stain will get, and you’ll be left with it potentially forever.

Scrub – if you scrub at the stain, you run the risk of pushing it deeper into the fibres of your carpet. It’s best to pat the area gently, so whatever’s causing the stain can be absorbed by the cloth without messing up your carpet any further!

Over-wet – there’s a temptation to chuck a load of water and products at the stain in an attempt to get rid of it, but the truth is this won’t help and it will damage the backing of your carpet.

Forget to rinse – I know, we just told you not to use too much liquid; but make sure you rinse away any product or solution you’ve used. Over time the chemicals can wear down your carpet, and the sticky residue left behind will attract dirt.

Air dry – if you leave your carpet to air dry, you’ll quite often be left with noticeable rings. Cover the area with a white cloth or towel (so there’s no colour transfer) and place a heavy object on top. Leave to dry overnight and in the morning, vacuum over the area to ensure it’s completely clean and dry.

Don’t be afraid, also, to contact a professional if you’re worried about the stain – after all, a carpet is a big part of any room!