Prolonging the Life of the Carpets in Your Offices


Prolonging the Life of the Carpets in Your Offices

As caretaker or curator of a commercial property, one of the things you need to focus on especially is maintenance of the carpeting, in addition to cleaning.

Of course, frequent cleaning will cut down on wear and tear of the carpet, while staff will feel healthier because of the clean and fresh environment. In order to ensure that the carpet is always in good condition, you can use the following tips. They will not only ensure a longer lifespan but they’ll also help cut costs by reducing the frequency with which you replace the carpeting.

Professional Cleaning

Normal vacuuming just isn’t enough to increase the lifespan of your carpet. Every few months, you should conduct thorough cleaning with the help of a professional carpet cleaner. This will help restore the carpet to its original, pristine condition making it more comfortable for staff and clients to walk on. The focus should be on high traffic areas. It will enable you to properly remove the soil and dirt that has been embedded in the carpet after a couple of months, despite persistent efforts of vacuuming.


The best way of keeping a carpet clean is by frequent vacuuming. It should ideally be undertaken on a daily basis. This ensures that almost all of the accumulated soil in the carpet is removed. The remainder can be taken care of through hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Vacuuming is also the simplest way of cleaning the carpet. In doing so, you’ll protect the carpet fibre and prolong the life of the carpet.

Immediate Cleaning

You can avoid permanent staining by cleaning spills and spots immediately. In the event of stains forming, apply a carpet solution that has been certified by the relevant parties. Some situations arise where the spills may not be removed immediately and warrants the use of a carpet cleaning solution to get the job done. Such a solution won’t have any adverse effects on the carpet fibre once the stain is removed.


A big mat will reduce the incidence of soil and other dirt being deposited on the carpet. The mat needs to be big enough for a person to wipe their feet on the go. However, you should clean walk-off mats regularly otherwise they’re bound to stop serving their purpose once they’ve gathered enough dirt. This way, they will remain effective long term.

Other Maintenance

Other forms of maintenance entail minor but regular cleaning while maintaining vacuuming and thorough cleaning. If there’s traffic on a carpet throughout the day, it will require cleaning every few hours. This increases the longevity of the carpet as it won’t gather a lot of dirt that could damage the carpet fibres.

These tips will help you maintain an office carpet well, and for a considerably longer period. As such, your costs of having a carpet will be minimized, because the carpet is going to remain in good condition for much longer than a poorly maintained one.