Top Carpet Cleaning Tips


Top Carpet Cleaning Tips

The rule of thumb is that carpets should be deep cleaned twice a year. If you don’t have the time or resources to do the job yourself, hiring professional carpet cleaners is a great way to go. Clean That Carpet did some research and put together the following list of hints and tips on how to get high quality professional cleaners at an affordable price.

Quality Cleaning Products

The key to a good carpet clean is using high quality carpet cleaning solutions. Look out for cleaning products that are eco friendly and that dry without using an adhesive residue. The problem with very cheap cleaning solutions is that they tend to leave residue in the carpet fibers after it has dried. Moreover, the harshness of the chemical may cause damage to the carpet fibers and trigger allergies! Soiling of the carpet occurs when the remaining residue gets bonded to the carpet fibers and attracts dirt. It is also necessary to extract the cleaning solution once the carpet fivers have been washed thoroughly clean. Once this is done, rinsing the carpet becomes easier and the chances of residue remaining in the carpet fibers are diminished a great deal.

Type of Equipment

The problem with many carpet cleaners is that they use cheap and inferior quality equipment. The end result is that the equipment does not clean well because the cleaning solution will not be extracted sufficiently and a good amount of soil will remain embedded in the carpet fiber. A professional carpet cleaner should always invest in superior quality equipment so that the customer gets value for money. This will also enable the cleaner to retain clients by getting repeat jobs because the carpet fiber will not deteriorate that fast and there will be more work to do.


Some professional carpet cleaners employ the dry or bonnet methods of cleaning carpets which involve applying cleaning solution on the carpet fiber and removing some stains and not all of them while leaving a lot of the cleaning solution embedded in the carpet fibers and a good amount of soil. Alternately, hot water extraction is more effective when it comes to carpet cleaning. This approach ensures that 99% of the soil residue is removed and this includes the cleaning solution that has been used to clean up your carpet thoroughly. As such, your carpet is left residue-free, clean and fresh.