Why should you go for carpet?


Why should you go for carpet?

In the days when laminate seems to be the trendy in-thing to have in your house, there’s still a lot to be said for carpet – read on to see why YOU should go for it!

Carpets are warmer than hard flooring, which is especially lovely in the winter: no stepping out of bed at 7am on a Monday onto a freezing cold floor when all you want to do is burrow under the duvet instead of getting ready and heading to the office. The softness of carpet makes it more comfortable to walk on no matter what you’ve gone on your feet (or sit on, if you’re entertaining a large group of people and don’t have enough chairs) and it’s safer if you have kids running around. Slipping on laminate flooring can lead to fairly serious injuries, especially if there’s a radiator or table nearby.

Having carpet in the house offers extra thermal insulation, so it’s energy efficient and in the long run, you might save more than a few pennies. They also absorb sound, meaning rock music, the teenagers shouting and the dog barking won’t echo throughout the house or annoy the neighbours – not too much, anyway!

Carpet can also be used as a statement in terms of interior décor, in the same way you might have one wall with bold wallpaper – use a bright coloured or patterned carpet to really say something with a room. Carpets are also cheaper, quicker and easier to install than most hard flooring. So instead of asking why carpet, ask yourself why not?