Why Use Scotchgard on Your Carpet?


Why Use Scotchgard on Your Carpet?

Upholstered furniture and carpets are shielded from staining with Scotchgard. Scotchgard is a protective seal that safeguards fabric fibres by preventing grime and dirt from accumulating on the surface. After upholstery and carpet cleaning, Scotchgard is applied to retain a clean look for a longer time period. Most of us aren’t aware of the benefits of Scotchgarding these sorts of surfaces. Here are just some of the benefits that result from applying Scotchgard to carpets or upholstery, and why you should use it in your own home.

Retains the Clean Look

Scotchgarding is quite popular because of the effect it has on carpets and upholstery. Your household items retain the ‘clean’ look for a considerably longer period. It’s applied immediately after the cleaning has been done. You’ll save money because the frequency of cleaning is reduced. It gives you that added satisfaction after hiring a professional cleaner because your upholstery and carpet surfaces retain the freshly cleaned look far longer than you’ve expected from vanilla cleaning before. This is the essence of Scotchgarding.

Money Saver

You won’t need to replace your carpets and seats as regularly as you would without Scotchgarding. It prolongs the life of both items. Replacements will be few and far between thus ensuring you’ll have a fair deal of extra cash that you can spend on other items you desire by incurring significant savings on two of the most expensive items in the house.

Added Protection

In addition to the prevention of staining on your carpet and furniture, Scotchgard helps with their protection and longevity. It stops any dust, allergens or chemicals from getting to the fibres and this results in the prolonged lifespan of your furniture. You get the added advantage of ‘new’ looking furniture because of this excess protection making your life a whole lot simpler than it ever was before. An additional couple of months in between cleaning gives you even better protection.

Less Work

Your day-to-day cleaning will require less effort because of the protection that Scotchgard provides. It’s easier to clean a surface that’s protected from dust particles and stains that can attach themselves to fibres in household upholstery. Moreover, you don’t need to spend more money on synthetic covers for your furniture, including carpet runners. Once you apply Scotchgard, those headaches are over. It’s plain, simple and hassle free.

There you have it! Those are the benefits of Scotchgarding your furniture or carpets.
Unfortunately, most people just aren’t aware of the benefits of using Scotchgard. It’s always important to do some research involving your furniture items in relation to maintenance. There are always solutions. All you need to do is find them and you’ll be guaranteed that of peace of mind. It always pays to spend a few minutes browsing the internet to find better ways of maintaining your household items. You’ll find all sorts of cheap and easy hacks. There are several of them out there. So next time you call a professional carpet cleaner, make enquiries about how you can Scotchgard your furniture and carpets.