Simple Removal of Common Stains


Simple Removal of Common Stains

Carpet stains will occur at one time or the other during the lifespan of your rug or carpet. Fortunately, there are various methods and tips that can be used to remove them.

However, you must know what to do and how to do it. The most important thing to do is to exercise precaution. Of course, there will be incidents and accidents. This will leave you with no choice but to look for the best way of removing stains even though it may be difficult. You can DIY or call the professional carpet cleaning services but it all depends on your budget and the state your carpet is in after being stained. The good thing is that there are various stain removal tips available from family, friends and blogs on the internet. Here are some methods you can use in order to get rid of different types of carpet stains.

• Spot removal will warrant the use of specific chemicals that you can buy off the shelf at your local provision store. There are many brands to choose from as long as they are approved by the authorities. Normally, all that is required is the use of a white cloth to blot the carpet with a good number of drops on a spot that is not noticeable. Exercise caution because, there may be color stains. In such cases, it is preferable to get in touch with professional carpet cleaning services for assistance.

• You can leave a cloth or towels to absorb moisture from a wet area under an object that has reasonable weight. The object should be colorfast.

• You may experience a situation where the stains do not go away even after a thorough wipe. Use hydrogen peroxide 3% and keep it on the stained surface for about 60 minutes. Get a towel or cloth to blot as you continue to clean until there is total stain removal. You will not need to use water to rinse the area. Instead, you can place paper towels on the affected area to absorb all the remaining moisture.

• Spilt drinks such as cola and red wine can stain quickly, so you need to act fast. Soak up as much liquid as you can with a dry cloth or paper towel before grabbing a bottle of white from the kitchen and dabbing the white wine on the stain to neutralise. Salt and baking soda also work in this instance.

• Certain stains affect the carpet of the color permanently. For example, a stain caused by plant fertilizer, acne medication, hair dyes, alkaline drain bleachers or insecticides. Such stains require the services of a professional carpet cleaner to remove. Remember, your carpet comes with a warranty and you are required to engage the services of a professional carpet cleaner every one and a half years. In addition, it is recommended that you use steam cleaning.

• Another way of removing stains is by starting to scrape the spill area using a dull knife or spoon. It enables you to remove dried and solid material. If you will require a detergent cleaner, do not apply much and make sure you rinse the area with water. A towel will come in handy to get rid of all the remaining moisture.

• Effective removal of stains is best done using a wet or dry vacuum cleaner. Attach the optimum suction and add water until the task is complete. Always act on stains right after you have discovered them as the longer the stain remains in place, the more difficult it gets to remove.

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